Allure is the revolutionary, patented, new floating vinyl floor system, made exclusively by Vertex.  Allure comes in a wide range of specifications for residential and commercial use, and hundreds of beautiful patterns in 14 theme collections-- but every Allure floor features the unique, interlocking GripStrip method for convenience and speed of installation.


Allure Product Specifications: 

Allure Specifications.xls

2009 Commercial
Brand new collection!

Allure: Commercial is more fashionable than ever. To greet your clientele with a state-of-the-art floor, and then ensure that their high heels don't tear it up, choose Allure Commercial with our proven industrial-strength wear layer to get the job done.
Let Allure be your bridge to the future as you pursue cost-effective solutions for decorating your place of business! Ideal for huge retail stores and restaurant/bars. Allure Industrial has an especially thick wear layer, allowing it to withstand high volumes of foot traffic in dense commercial settings.
Practical, durable and resistant to oil spills and tire treads, this unique Allure collection sets the pace for the home garage, the professional car shop, and the dealerˇs showroom. Specially designed to match the colors of the latest luxury cars, Allure Garage is the must-have upgrade for every automobile aficionadoˇs personal haven.