Engineered Wood
Wood Flooring

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Engineered Hardwood
Engineered Wood Flooring is constructed from 3 layers of real wood material that are glued together. It has a wide range of species from temperate to tropical range. Top layer uses a sawn-cut solid piece instead of peeled veneer, as peeled veneer has neither the beauty nor strength of the sawn solid piece cut layer.

Middle lumber core is made from Hevea. The bottom layer is made from pine veneer. These middle and bottom layers are chosen for both stability and sustainability as they come from timber plantation. The top ply is also available in different wood species.

Solid wood floors expand 3 times more than an engineered wood floor. To avoid this problem, the alternating 3 layers of wood materials laminated together thru a cross grain construction system which minimize the natural expansion and contraction of wood caused by exposure to moisture. Hardness of the top layer apart from appearance is important when selecting a wood floor. High traffic areas may require hard wood species.
Plywood Engineered Hardwood
Plywood engineered hardwood flooring is composed of several layers of plywood, and a real wood top layer, which can be chosen from several wood species with 4mm thickness. 7 layers of UV acrylic lacquers are applied to protect the wood layer. Made with tongue and groove design for easy installation.